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Quickly dial any contact from any item directly inside monday.com with a single click after you add the PhoneBurner Click-to-dial Item View.

Features & Functionality

Two-Way Synced Database

Synchronize your contact data between monday.com and PhoneBurner. Any changes made in one will always reflect in the other.

Featured Use Cases

Explore use cases to take your power dialing to the next level with monday apps and integrations. Here’s what we can integrate for you.

CarbonCRM Suite

Connect the CarbonCRM to the PhoneBurner App, to organize and streamline your sales and contact management.

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CarbonTO-DO Suite

Use our Task Management system to track your PhoneBurner call schedule, and follow-up tasks.

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Power through Outreach in Minutes,
Not Hours! 🔥

Turn up the heat with PhoneBurner, the only power dialing app built on the monday.com Work OS. Start dialing today, and claim your free 14-days!


Take your teams dialing to the next level with the only
Power Dialer on monday.com.

Save 18% with yearly plans


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Billed Monthly
PhoneBurner account/database connections without any limitations.
  • Unlimited contact synchronization
  • Unlimited board integrations
  • Unlimited Dial Session launches
  • Access to CarbonWeb Support
  • Dial Session Board View + Built-in Dashboard
  • Click-to-dial Item View
  • Launch Dial Sessions
  • Previous Dial Session Dashboard
  • Custom Automation Triggers
  • Two-way synced database
  • Click-to-dial contacts

Frequently asked questions

The PhoneBurner App creates a two-way sync between monday.com and PhoneBurner. This integrations brings the functionality of power dialing directly into monday.com via Dial Session Board Views, and Click-to-dial Item Views.

The PhoneBurner App costs $25 / connected account and is billed directly within monday.com’s app marketpalce. (Seats are purchased in batches due to monday.com’s monetization.

Yes. The cost associated with use-cases include the cost of the app inside monday.com. If CarbonWeb is integrating the add-on for you, that does come with additional costs.

Need Support?

Check out the support hub for resources and documentation, or contact your account manager today to schedule support.

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