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Managing your tasks just got easier!

With CarbonTO-DO Suite, you can assign work, coordinate projects, and communicate effectively, all in one workspace daily. Use the dashboard to measure task loads, view individual performance, and boost morale with a suite of team engagement tools.

Tool Belt

Embed Anything

With Embed Anything, copy-paste any URL from anywhere online, then embed it into your monday Items (and Sub-items!) It's time to say goodbye to all those individual embed apps.

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Company Projects Roadmap

Visually plan projects with your team the way you want. Keep everyone in sync and automatically notify when campaigns are scheduled, delayed or completed.


Take your task management system to the next level with monday apps and integrations. Here’s what we can integrate for you.

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Google Calendar

Integrate Google Calendar to plan your workday visually, then automatically populate events as tasks on the day they occur.

Connect with To-do Suite


Integrate Zoom with CarbonTO-DO and let events automatically populate as tasks on the day they occur.

Connect with To-do Suite


Integrate Calendly and auto-populate meetings and appointments as tasks in the task queue.

Connect with To-do Suite

Say Goodbye overdues.
Hello, task queue! ✅

With the To-Do Suite, plan your work day, week, month, and more with automation! Create tasks, set a due date, and store ‘em in the Task Queue and complete it on the day it’s due.

It’s Free

What's it cost?

Nothing! We believe in providing value to the community, so this one is on us!

It’s Free

Free for everyone!



Use the app without any limitations for upto 250 team members in your account



Frequently asked questions

The Carbon To-Do Suite is a task management system built natively within that uses automation to move and manage tasks while also keeping items organized so teams of any size can work inclusively, collaboratively, and more effectively.

The CarbonTo-Do Suite is 100% free of charge.

Yes. The cost associated with add-ons includes the cost of the app inside If CarbonWeb is integrating the add-on for you, that does come with a cost as well.

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Check out the support hub for resources and documentation, or contact your account manager today to schedule support.

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