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Cold prospecting and first outreach call for special treatment, organize, track, and maintain your new relationships as they brew, all in one place.

Active Deals Pipeline

Ensure you know where every deal sits with all the strings attached, in a purpose-built, tailored funnel designed to close more sales.

Relationship Management

Keep the loop closed between your marketing and sales teams, with customizable follow-up schedules, advanced organization, and more.

Advanced Customizable Metrics

Get the reports you need and track the metrics most important to your business, with advanced reporting and intuitive dashboards.


Supercharge your CRM with tailored powerups curated to simplify the outreach process, cutdown on missed opportunities and increase your closing-rate.

Emails & Activities

Designated space to automatically track email and replies, plus all other activities within your CRM. Provides you a birds-eye view of your team’s progress while making follow-up even easier.

Item Cards

Too many columns? Chose what information is readily available with customizable item cards. Only see what you need, organizing prospect information into simple tiles.

Mobile Notifications

Stay ahead with customizable text notifications, ensuring your team never misses another email or deal again.


Get the most from your CRM with our available add-ons. Enhance your outreach and streamline the closing process.

PhoneBurner App

PhoneBurner power dialer will enable your team to track outreach status, deliver voicemails, and send emails automatically, all while still dialing.

Dropbox Integration

Streamline your organization by automatically generating a dropbox folder for every new client or project.

Automatic Proposal Generation

Speed up your time-to-close with automatic proposal generation.

Automatic Invoice Generation

Ensure the money keeps flowing with automatic invoice generation.

One-time install fee

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Custom demo and onboarding experience
2 hours of onboarding and training
3 hours of professional build-out and customization
VIP support with direct contact access

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