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Track project bidding, manage relationships, and ensure new projects continue filling the pipeline with an all-in-one CRM for Bidding & Construction.

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Manage your entire sales process, track customer communication, connect to other workflows, and unlock dozens of features exclusive to monday CRM.

Workspace Features

Bidding Pipeline

Manage every aspect of your project bidding in an automated pipeline, processing initial bid requests to the final bid submissions.

Company Database

Use CarbonCRM to enrich your customer relationships, curate personalized messaging, and track high-value companies.

Contact Database

Manage your construction contacts and keep relationships top-of-mind in a fully customizable contact database.

Metrics, KPI’s & More

Track your acquisition pipeline with customized dashboards to measure essential KPIs, report and analyze on trends, LTV, and more!

Bid Management Forms

Create and insert customizable forms anywhere in your process to in-take new bid requests, push projects across the team, and more!

Project Bidding

Pricing Index

Ensure project profitability, estimate more accurately, and deliver bids faster with a fully customizable and integrated Pricing Index.

Tailor every variable, customize your fields and develop a proprietary catalog to monitor pricing for materials, labor, and other pertinent construction costs

Add-on Services

Take your CRM to the next level with add-on packaged services to accelerate your start. Here’s what we recommend:

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Pre-built Solutions

Accelerate your workflow with CarbonSuites – the ultimate end-to-end solutions designed for maximum productivity on Inspired by industry leaders and expertly crafted by our team, these battle-tested solutions are ready to be tailored to your exact needs.

Need some help kickstarting or customizing CarbonCRM?

CarbonWeb offers full service packages to help launch, onboard and customize monday products to drive your business goals toward the finish line.

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Say goodbye to the busy work and hello to automation, effective customer management, and more projects in the pipeline!

Frequently asked questions

CarbonCRM is a custom-tailored customer relationship management system built on the world’s strongest sandbox for business – and powered by the monday sales CRM.

Yes. The costs associated with add-ons include the cost of the app inside and any off platform subscription. If CarbonWeb is integrating the add-on for you, that does come with additional costs.

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