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Improve the customer experience with multi-channel ticket entry, via form, email, and more

Empower your team with a customizable ticket management platform Adaptable to your business

You can't fix what you can't see

Stay focused with a robust and intuitive features specifically for agents

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 Simplify teamwork with a dynamic platform for streamlined collaboration and project management.

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Frequently asked questions

A help desk is the person, group, organizational function or external service that a customer, product user, or team member calls when they’re having issues or experiencing a problem they can’t solve on their own.

The implementation of a help desk system brings numerous advantages to both the organization and its users or customers.


For Organizations:

  • Streamlined Support: A help desk organizes and simplifies the support process, making it more efficient.
  • Centralized Knowledge Base: It consolidates information and resources, enabling quicker and more effective responses.
  • Tracking and Resolution: The system tracks issues from their inception through to resolution, ensuring accountability and efficiency.


For Users/Customers:

  • Dedicated Assistance Point: A help desk offers a single, clear point of contact for support requests.
  • Assured Resolution: Users can expect thorough and appropriate solutions to their problems.
  • Faster Support: The process for obtaining help is expedited, minimizing downtime and frustration.
  • Self-Service Options: Many help desks provide resources for users to resolve common issues independently, often meeting their needs without direct intervention.

Carbon HelpDesk is a highly customizable ticketing and resolution management product for any help desk use case, built on top of by CarbonWeb.

“Built on” means Carbon HelpDesk is built on the framework of, but is an independent product just like monday sales CRM or monday dev.

There is not one answer, but our team would be happy to provide you demo and work with you to determine the best plan to fit your team’s needs. Book a demo today →

Virtually any ticketing use case can be managed with Carbon HelpDesk, such as IT support, customer service, internal support, incident reporting, and more!

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